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Joe McPhee - trumpet, saxophones
John Edwards - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

2 CDs on NotTwo Records:

"The music played here is "just XXIst century free jazz", but played at the highest possible level, with emotions and feeling erupting from the scene like lava from an exploding volcano. ... the whole album is magnifique!!!"
- Maciej Lewenstein, 2018
"... (Joe McPhee's) magical take on avant-garde sax remains one of the wonders of the scene. He still has one of the most beautiful tones on the planet, even when he’s reaching for jazz’s outer limits." - mjd 5/02

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Ken Vandermark - saxophones, clarinets
Mark Tokar - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

Latets cd NO-EXIT CORNER out on NotTwo Records !!!

„There are occasional respites, say when Tokar takes one his fascinating, focused solos. But generally this is tough stuff. Vandermark is a master of taking a phrase and working it repeatedly, wringing out the last drops as he modulates his ideas to the boiling point. Kugel is one of the great contemporary European drummers, and plays all over the kit with a sharp hard pulse.“ - Carl Pearson, Jazz Director, WFHB Bloomington, IN, USA

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Uliana Horbachevska - voice
Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone
Antoni Donchev - piano
Christian Ramond - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

"Uliana Horbachevska group`s sound ... runs the gamut of human expression, traversing a landscape of peaks and valleys. Using Ukrainian folklore and free-form improv, the quartet stirs up infectious enthusiasm ... maintain a cohesive warmth, with an almost invisible seam connecting each section ... the music reaches an ecstatic climax ... " - John Barron, theJazzWord, USA

First cd LEOPOLIS, a live recording from October 2017 at the Opera House Lviv, Ukraine, will soon be released !!

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Knox Chandler e-guitar, electronics
Daigo Nakai e-bass, double bass
Klaus Kugel drums, percussions

The trio's explosive music emerges in spontaneous play, in a flowing communication of direct ideas and sophisticated artistry. The newly founded CHANDLER NAKAI KUGEL succeeds in developing the most complex soundscapes.
Archaic and transcendental beauty, abstraction, flowing melodic chains and metrically unbound tonal colour play come together in its music. Often an atmosphere of contemplation, of concrete slowness and silence is created until the ensemble again gets stuck in suspenseful improvisation adventures, some of which are very rock oriented.

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Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet
Christopher Dell - vibes
Christian Ramond - bass
Klaus Kugel - drums


The Theo Jörgensmann Quartet is a top-class German Jazz Quartet. Their CDs have been enthusiastically reviewed by many critics worldwide.

Vibrating and stunning communication on the finest technical level imaginable. This worldwide succeeding German jazz ensemble stands for: -music against the law of purity (...) dancing elegance, humorous intelligence, sensitive poetry (...), the ultimate improvised chamber music.- (Weltwoche, Switzerland, 2002) -highly interactive (...) simply magnificent- (highest score in FONO FORUM, Germany, 2002) -Collective motion is electric: a charging, spasmodic from all sides. (...) Jörgensmann’s dancing, fractured improv couldn’t find a warmer nest.- CODA MAGAZINE, Canada, 2003

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Mars Williams presents
Mars Williams - saxophones, flutes, toys
Jaimie Branch - trumpet, toys, electronics
Knox Chandler - e-guitar, , electronics
Mark Tokar - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

A high octane quintet from Chicago, NYC, Lviv and Berlin.
Next tour : December 2020
New cd on NotTwo Records

„The performances attest to how well the Ayler Xmas concept travels: The rhythm section brings a particularly muscular energy, and Chandler's effects-drenched guitar lights the music up like a Christmas tree. Williams and Branch tangle ferociously, but she also keeps him on track during a giddy recitation of "The Night Before Christmas.“ by Bill Meyer, December 2019, Chicago Reader

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Pavel Hruby - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Klaus Kugel - drums, percussion

The duo creates exciting compositions with unique outbursts as well as moments of spiritual silence. Both instrumentalists build in rare agreement a unique, ritual, extremely dynamic and narrative musical world without genre !

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Sebastian Gille - tenor & soprano saxophone
Christian Ramond - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

"There is an incredible feeling of suspense in the room, a power emanating from this saxophonist’s performance, demonstrated by the meticulous care with which he makes every single note his own. A sound resonant of virtually unrestrained emotional intensity, which invites the audience to hear the warmth of his breath, his sensitivity and vulnerability, as well as his desire to transcend boundaries. A cross between Albert Ayler and Lester Young, capturing a sensibility that is radical yet simultaneously timidly beseeching in an unmistakably individual form." - Stefan Hentz, Die Welt
"… Christian Ramond and Klaus Kugel ... is an excellent rhythm section, that quietly turns in an exhilarating performance. Everything is terrifically balanced, from the song structures to the interaction. Collective motion is electric: a charging, spasmodic swing rises up from all sides. They are, simply, an irresistible rhythm duo, by turns direct, elusive, and awash in color." - Greg Buium, Coda Magazine

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Vyacheslav Ganelin - piano, synthesizer, percussion
Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone
Klaus Kugel - drums, percussion

"... and they re still playing highly interactive, tensile music." - THE NEW YORK TIMES, 2007
" ... improvisational genius of the highest order" - Tom Sekowski, The Live Music Report, January 2008, USA
"The Ganelin Trio Priority played a staggering set on the penultimate evening of the June, 2007 Vision Festival, a continuous and constantly morphing shock-and-awe campaign in which all national and international demarcations were obliterated." - Marc Medwin,, August, 2007, USA
"The evening concert series featured some real high-octane entertainment, with the biggest explosion and highlight coming early in the form of the New York City debut of the Ganelin Trio Priority. ... Vysniauskas and Kugel proved to be dynamic players and improvisers, perfectly suited for the trio`s dance with the devil." - Ken Weiss, JAZZIMPROV, USA, 2007

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Frank Paul Schubert - alto & soprano saxophone
Olaf Rupp - guitar
Mark Tokar - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

The explosive music of this quartet arises through spontaneous play. It's an in - each - other - flowing communication of concrete ideas and prudent art. The interaction between the musicians is absolutely perfect. They're successfully developing wide soundscapes, abstraction, flowing chains of melody, and metrically unattached games of sound colors. Skillfully, the group enters into suspenseful adventures of improvisation.

Upcoming cd on 577records: SHURUTOKU

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Ute Kaiser - voice
Annette Maye - clarinet, bassclarinet
Klaus Kugel - percussion

In the time of Saint Hildegard von Bingen (* 1098 - †17 September 1179), her works sounded extraordinarily new and avant-garde! The compositions, songs and texts of the universal teacher of the Middle Ages, still enchant people today in their topicality and spiritual breadth. Her wonderful melodies and profound visions are the starting point and the breath from which the trio is inspired and guided. They carry the rhythms, sounds and verses forward and always return to them. This creates an atmosphere of space and light clarity in the wide spectrum between medieval sacred sounds and today's modern music; extraordinary, avant-garde, archaic and timelessly familiar.

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Anna Romanovská - violin, koto
Michal Hrubý - clarinet, bassclarinet
Petr Tichý - double bass
Klaus Kugel - percussion

The music of this ensemble is rich and full-textured, and spare and light at the same time. Completely abstract, otherwordly, yet strangely accessible and hypnotizing and escaping the common time and space reality. While avoiding the soothing cliches of new age music, their concerts are captivating, engaging, very unique, rich with a sense of rewarding listening experience.

The first concert tour in 2020 was supported by the Goethe-Institut Prague